Riding Communal Tension, Jihadis Expanding Tentacles in Assam

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Guwahati: The people displaced in communal clashes in the Bodoland Territorial Autonomous Districts (BTAD) in 2012 are most vulnerable to be approached by the jehadi elements to increase their strength in Assam.

Meanwhile, an attempt to get Army fatigue for the trainees led to the busting of a jehadi training centre in Chirang district recently. Highly placed security sources told The Assam Tribune that in India the growth of jehadi elements was always preceded by some kind of violence or riots like the demolition of the Babri Masjid or the clashes in Gujarat.

Even after the clashes in the BTAD in 2012, the jehadi elements tried to create communal feelings and the leaders of the Pakistan-backed outfits also mentioned about the riots in their speeches very often to create communal feelings in the minds of the people. Sources pointed out that a sizeable number of people displaced in the riots in 2012 are yet to be settled and they can be targeted by the jehadi elements to increase their strength in the State.

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It is a well established fact that such displaced people can be motivated easily and all the security agencies need to keep a close watch on the displaced people to ensure that they do not join hands with the jehadi elements.

On the busting of a jehadi training camp, sources said that according to information available, the training camp was started only on September 7 and police managed to bust the camp before the trainees were imparted any serious training.

Interestingly, the decision of the main man behind the training camp, Suleman Ali, to get Army fatigues for the trainees led to the busting of the camp. One of the members of the group was assigned the task of getting Army fatigues and he approached a tailor in the area. When he came to collect the dresses, police came to know about it through a source and a trap was laid. The arrest of the jehadi led to the busting of the camp and arrest of Suleman. But the trainees managed to escape and efforts are on to nab them.

Sources said that the CDs recovered in the camp included one for motivation of the trainees, which talked about atrocities on Muslims, one on unarmed combat and another on the jehadi training camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Some training weapons were also recovered. But fortunately, the police managed to bust the camp before it became a strong one, sources added.

It is also suspected that the jehadis responsible for the setting up of the training camp had links with Jamaat-ul-Mujaheedin, Bangladesh (JMB). Sources also said that the JMB, which has 64 units in Bangladesh, established its 65th one in India and that came to after an accidental blast in Burdwan in West Bengal.

Though 16 persons from Assam were also arrested in connection with the JMB activities, there was no report of the outfit planning any action in the State. The JMB’s main aim is to create trouble in Bangladesh and the bombs made in Burdwan also sent to the neighbouring country, sources added.From -Arup chakraborty,Guwahati