Rhino Escapes Kaziranga Flood, Brings Mayhem To Assam’s Streets


Dispur: A rhinoceros created a ruckus on a national highway in Assam’s Golaghat, after escaping the flooded Kaziranga National Park.

It took wildlife officials three hours to nab the animal. In the video released by Reuters, the Rhino can be seen briefly running behind people on the highway and destroying huts along the area. This is the second such report in a week. Another rhino was seen on the highway and surrounding areas on June 27. Authorities had to struggle for three days before they managed to catch the animal, according to Daily Mail report.

Kaziranga workers had to rope in elephants to take the Rhino back to its home. Animals have emerged as some of the greatest victims of the flood in Assam, killing around 250 animals. Kaziranga – home to 2,401 of the 2,431 rhinos in Assam – was completely inundated, forcing animals to the streets.