RGV’s Terrible Tweet On International Women’s Day


Mumbai: Ram Gopal Varma, filmmaker and enfant terrible on Twitter, once again did what he does best.

The Sarkar 3 director took to Twitter to make a series of tweets regarding Women’s Day which happens to be today, March 8.

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“Is there no #MensDay because all days in the year belong to only men and the women were given just only one day?”

“Women’s day should be called #MensDay because men celebrate women much more than women celebrate women”

“Women on atleast #MensDay should not nag or scream and atleast give some freedom to men”

“On behalf of all men I hereby wish all the women a Very Happy #MensDay”

“I don’t know what men should be doing to women that day but I wish one day in year is celebrated as #MensWomensDay”

However, what obviously takes the crown for being the most Ramu-esque tweet possible is the one he wrote about Sunny Leone.

“I wish all the women in the world give men as much happiness as Sunny Leone gives”