RG Kar Hospital arranges for special Transgender wards


KOLKATA: In yet another attempt to bring back the transgender communities in Kolkata, RG Kar Medical College and Hospital has come up with the idea as part of the college’s centenary celebrations, will also have separate cabins earmarked for the community. RG Kar authorities have arranged for four cabins that will be reserved for members of the transgender community.

“The team of medics includes a counsellor, an expert psychiatrist, a plastic surgeon and specially trained nursing personnel who are sensitive to the community. Women and child welfare and social welfare minister Shashi Panja, who is an alumnus of the college, has taken interest in the project and provided all support,” said principal Dr S Batabyal.

There will also be a facility for sex-alignment surgery, multi-disciplinary research unit, state virology unit, a cochlear implant facility, seven new cabins for woman patients and new radiotherapy technology, said the sources.