Rex Tillerson To Visit India Maiden Key Focus On Empowering India


New Delhi: India and the United States are expected to extend their healthy rapport and initiate fresh strategic partnerships as US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson arrives for his first official visit to India on Tuesday.

During his 3-day visit to India, Tillerson will meet with both Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj to headlong bilateral and geopolitical ties. Tillerson is on a five-nation visit from October 20-27, including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Pakist, n and Switzerland, according to the US State Department.

While and US President Donald Trump and Modi have set the platform to construct a healthy geopolitical relationship, it would be interesting to see what the US has to offer to India in terms of support in South Asia – a region where much instability has been witnessed over the past few months.

Tillerson is among the top US authorities who have come out hard against China; he recently sent a sharp warning to China, calling it financially irresponsible, apart from criticising its One Belt One Road project.

Tillerson, in the first major foreign policy speech on October 18, said the US is India’s “reliable partner” at the world stage in this period of uncertainty and angst, sending a strong signal to side with India amidst China’s “provocative actions” in the region.

Rex Tillerson had earlier said that in keeping with India’s status as a major defense partner and their mutual interest in expanding maritime cooperation, the Trump administration has offered a menu of defence options for India’s consideration, including the Guardian UAV.

Taking these into account, it will not be wrong to say that the US is willing to back India in the region so it can stand head to head with Beijing. However, it must be noted that US and China share a healthy trade relation and strong financial ties.