REVOLUTION to Revolutionize Music in Kolkata


Kolkata: The year was around 2002-2003 when we started treading the REVOLUTION road when a few friends from North-Central Kolkata kick-started their band and in the process, they realized their dreams, materialised their wishes and emerged as one true consciousness. It is not a mean task to create a Rock band in this city and build an audience for it. However, irrespective of hostilities and perils on the road to success, they reinvented their creative minds. They nurtured their band and threw open its wings to fly high. REVOLUTION first started to show-case in local shows and steadily entered the college arena, featuring in few of the first grade colleges of Kolkata. Within years, REVOLUTION became a common name among collegiate and kids alike.

However, ‘Reality’ bogged down the band when band members peeked out off the boundary of school and college concerts, and reflected upon their careers. Some took a hit as they painted their life goals. It was the strive for a stable life which coerced the members to look for a stable job. Even though the band was defunct from 2009 to 2011, it was not completely lost into oblivion. It was the dire and positive devotion of original member Rajsheka Deb Roy, due to whom, the band was reprised.

REVOLUTION started walking a new road, fuelled with the new and old members like Subhankar , Sunny , Rishav , Rajiv and of course, Rajshekhar. Today, after days of publicity and limelight, the band is about to create a new wave in their upcoming album, REVOLUTION 2014. In the event BLACK 15, on September 20th, 2015, this album is about to be released in that day’s LIVE CONCERT.

The album will have 8 songs- Ami kandbo na , Lebu lonka , Dhulo , 9 ta bajte 5 , Porichoy , Damini , Banchaar Adhikaar  and M.C. Under the supervision of Powerchord Entertainment and the band’s own dedication, this album is going to see the light of day on Sunday evening at Rajabazar Science College.