Revoke Article 370, Says Anupam Kher


Jammu: Kashmir issue will get solved only if Article 370 is removed and people from other state are allowed to settle in the state, said actor Anupam Kher. According to the veteran actor, who has been in the controversy in the past also, the government must build separate townships for Kashmiri pandits.

“The day article 370 (giving special status to J&K) is removed, the Kashmir problem would be solved. The day people from Bengal, Punjab, Gujarat and other parts of the country are given permission to settle down in Kashmir, the problem would be solved, but that does not suit anyone,” he told reporters in Jammu.

“I definitely support the idea of a separate homeland, regarding composite township is concerned, let the Kashmiri Pandit colonies be established in Kashmir and after that if (other) people want to settle let them do that,” he said.

The 60-year-old actor noted that it was not possible for the community, who were hounded out of their homes 26 years ago to return and settle in their old houses as most of them were either burnt or sold under distress sale.