Retirement Age Of Physicians Will Be Extended Up to 65

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New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday  announced raising the retirement age of government doctors to 65 years. Addressing a massive rally at Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh, as part of 2-year celebrations of his government, PM Modi said that the Cabinet will soon approve the decision.

Citing shortage of doctors in the country, Modi said that there is a need for more doctors across the country, however, it was not possible to fill the gap in two years of his government’s rule.

As we are facing a huge shortage of doctors in the country, our government is working on a plan to extend the retirement age of the doctors to 65 years.

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The Cabinet will soon take a decision and the retirement age of our doctors, whether in states or government of India, would be made 65 years instead of 60 or 62.

It will allow doctors to serve patients and provide education for a longer period. The government is also working fast to have more medical colleges.

I appeal to our doctor brothers to serve poor pregnant women for free on the ninth of every month. This free health service for 12 days in a year will ensure that no mother bears the pain of poverty.