Restoration Work & Political Rally To Cause Congestion On Saturday


Kolkata: Traffic Police of Kolkata says that Kolkata streets will be highly congested on Saturday due to the ongoing construction works and scheduled political rallies in the weekend.

Normally weekend used to be trafficless as many offices used to get half-day and many remain fully closed. The latest update says that a renovation work is underway in BBD Bag and Esplanade area. On the other hand drainage system work is also running so the vehicles will be diverted to Strand Road adjacent road of BBD Bag.

On the other hand a political rally has been scheduled on Saturday which has been divided in three parts. The rally will come from Howrah to M G Road and catch Sealdah Flyover means Vidyapati Setu. Then will go to Ramilla Maidan via Moulali and CIT Road. Then the main rally will cover Ramilla Maidan to Chittaranjan Avenue at around 1:30pm which can cause high congestion in parts of Kolkata.