RESTELLO An Architectural Marvel By Shrachi Group

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Kolkata: RESTELLO – An Architectural Steel Marvel by the Shrachi Group, one of Kolkata’s leading real estate developers, has launched Restello, the first ever boutique-style steel living complex in Kolkata, India, which was the winner of Living Steel’s 2006 international architecture competition.

Being the first of its kind in India, Restello is a residential block by Piercy Conner Architects and comprises 12 luxurious boutique apartments within a perforated steel exterior. The perforated steel has been incorporated to flood the interior of the apartments with abundant natural light and ventilation.restello

Piercy Conner has combined elements of traditional Eastern architecture with innovative sustainable practices, making Restello a modern living experience. The steel structure creates a balance of flowing open living spaces and private rooms. Besides one porous outer layer of perforated steel screens, a second inner skin of floor-to-ceiling glazing is also featured at the structure. Between the two layers lies the unique feature of double story terraces at the front of the apartments, providing a harmonious flow between the exterior and the interior.

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Steel which is the main construction element of Restello, fits well in the damp and humid climate of Kolkata. Steel’s resistance to dampness and soiling will result in improved dry wall and exterior appearance, besides improving the quality of the fit of doors and windows. In this way, by providing an aesthetically perfect exterior and interior, the steel homes at Restello kept time, energy and money when it came to maintenance.

The ʻskinʼ of the building consisted one permeable outer layer of perforated steel screens, and a second inner skin of floor to ceiling glazing. Between the two layers located the enviable, unique feature of double storey terraces at the front of the apartments. A harmonious flow between the outside world and the internal home was provided. Taking the design cue from traditional permeable architecture of Kolkata, the outer screens served to shade sun and rain, while maximizing natural light and maintaining external views.

The effect in the six three-bedroom and six four-bedroom duplex apartments denoted dappled patterns of light and shade that an airy effect was created, belying the strength of the steel. Working closely with a team of world-class experts, the Restello project involved the highest standards in steel design and construction.

The steel structure was from a high grade and manufactured to international standards with Tata Bluescope Steel and Tata Steel. Galvanised and painted steels were applied for corrosion protection and to ensure a long life for the apartments.

Stuart Piercy, Director of Piercy Conner Architects commented on the importance of cultural acknowledgement throughout the design process: “India is on the verge of a building explosion but we wanted to avoid the anonymity of Dubai-style development. Instead we wanted to offer a culturally sympathetic yet environmentally intelligent building which retained an Indian identity and created a role-model for sustainable living.” Scott Chubbs, Living Steel Programme Director said: “Demand for new housing at this luxury level in India is high, and New Town is growing very quickly. We are excited to see our competition-winning design help meet this need in such an innovative and beautiful way. Steel is a very versatile material for residential construction industry and the Restello project is a prime example of a quality home for the higher income groups in India.

We have an outstanding team working on this project and it is through this collaboration with developer Bengal Shrachi, architects Piercy Conner, Tata BlueScope Steel and Tata Steel that we are able to bring this beautiful, ground- breaking building to life.”

Restello USP: → ease of construction as 90% of the items are manufactured in plants, only assembling takes place as a part of construction → clean and green, no dust, eco-friendly → thermal efficiency → aesthetically superior → superior finish is possible due to steel walls and structure → walls thinner, so more space → exquisite facade, special wool to bring down noise levels between two rooms → less hazardous and superior earthquake resistant.