Responsible Drinking Is The Need Of The Hour: Actress Ritabhari Chakraborty


Kolkata: Kolkata based model-anchor Sonika Chauhan’s untimely death has raised eyebrows among many. Social media is abuzz with a petition #JusticeForSonika where netizens are resorting to slamming the reckless freak accident that claimed a promising model’s life.

বাংলা-মডেল সোনিকার মৃত্যুর জন্য অভিনেতা বিক্রমের ‘ক্যালাসনেস’কে দায়ী করছে ঋতাভরী

Actress Ritabhari Chakraborty however refrained from commenting on the online petition but voiced her opinion. She said, “ I express my grief over this mishap. Though I didn’t have personal terms with Sonika, but have met each other in a few occasions . I am well acquainted with Sonika’s close friend Shaheb. On a superficial level, this might pose as a road accident owing to someone’s carelessness. But deep down, it needs to be probed. Sonika should get justice.”

Online Petition To Get Justice For Sonika

On April 29, the road mishap claimed Sonika’s life during wee hours of the morning. Actor Bikram Chatterjee was at the wheels of the car that rammed into divider and turned into a mangled piece of wreakage. The page on Facebook displays a row of posts that claims that Bikram did drink and drive on that fateful night.

The first expose was made on Kolkata 24×7, that Bikram was heavily intoxicated on the same night. He was spotted with many female companions in three of city’s nightclubs.

‘What A Liar You Are Vikram Chatterjee‘

On Sunday, an English based media released  footages of Bikram grooving to party music with glasses of alcohol. Bikram refuted all allegations claiming that he did not consume alcohol that night.

Sonika’s Last Snap Clicked Just Hours Before Her Death

Ritabhari  is not a social butterfly and abstains from attending parties or drinking. “ It a personal discretion. But a line must be drawn. It extends to everyone who is active in social circuits. Responsible drinking should be the need of the hour. A small mistake can cost someone’s life,” she said.

Revelry is a common sight among celebrities. Late-night parties, alcohol consumption are habitual among many. Does this incident bring the social activities under scanner?

Ritabhari rubbishes hopes by saying that “Salman Khan rules Bollywood box office even after facing criminal charges in the infamous hit and run case. Tollywood is a just miniature part.”

This incident is the sheer instance that the glamour and glitz can sometimes wreak havoc. Only time will tell that who remains the underdog or the bereaved souls will get justice.

Reported By: Debjani Sarkar

Edited By : Ahana Sen Gupta

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