To Resist Chinese Activities Indian Navy Deploys Warships

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New Delhi: The Indian Navy has deployed eight warships around the entry points into the Indian Ocean Region (IOR) to keep an eye on the adversarial nations.

The deployments have been line with PM Modi’s assertion that the Navy was the net security provider in the IOR, and the responsibility of maintaining security and stability in this region was India’s responsibility.

“At any time, we have eight warships on patrol to keep an eye on the entry points in and around the IOR, as part of our mission-based deployments, which started around six months ago. Along with it, we also have our training vessels on a look out around the area,” government sources said.

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“All the choke and entry points for the Chinese into the IOR are being monitored by our ships, along with the eastern and western fleets, which are deployed on both sides of the country. Any area not directly monitored is scanned regularly by the P-8Is operating in the region,” they said. The Rukmini radar is also keeping a watch over the area, they said.

On the reports that Chinese Navy had deployed 11 warships in the IOR to deter India from interfering in Maldivian affairs, the sources said, No movement of Chinese ships were detected near the Maldivian waters. The closest they came was 2,500 nautical miles.