Residents Asked To Vacate 5 Buildings By KMRC


Kolkata: Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation (KMRC) issued evacuation notices to residents of five unsafe buildings along Old Court House Street in Kolkata on Wednesday. The occupants are asked to vacate the buildings by third week on January.

The residents are asked to stay away for a specific period for construction of metro railway tunnel. The timing of the evacuation will match the passage of the tunnel-boring machine. The occupants of 10 Old Court House Street are asked to stay out from January 17 to January 21.

Identical notices are pasted on all buildings. The notice says that the residents will be provided shelter at a hotel on Mahatma Gandhi Road at KMRC’S expenses. However, KMRC refused to take any responsibility of offices and shops in the area.

The evacuation plan is split into two phases. In the first phase, these five buildings would be evacuated whereas the other two buildings would be evacuated in second phase during the first week of February.