Reshuffle In South Dinajpur TMC


Balurghat: Amid the imbalances of West Bengal Panchayat result, a change took place in the presidentship in South Dinajpur Trinamool-Congress. Supreme Court will sentence the final verdict on Friday at around 10:30 am.

The ex-president of Zilla Pariashad Prabir Roy has been given the responsibility of South Dinajpur. Biplab Mitra, TMC president of South Dinajpur on behalf of the party has announced this in a press conference on Thursday.

he clearly stated that, Prabir Roy has given the responsibility to strengthen the party structure and re-establish the party image. He had managed the responsibility for six years.

Biplab Kha who has been removed from the post has been alleged for being corrupted in last year flood relief dissemination. People have shown huge rage to him for his insensible act in the time of distress.