Renovation Of Ichapur Railway Foot Over Bridge In Process


Ichapur: The Ichapur station of the Sealdah main section in North 24 Paragana has a single foot over bridge. The negligence by the railway department has forced the commuters to reach the platform passing through the railway tracks. But the picture is same like before, after the tragic incident of Baruipur station where a women lost her life and many were injured the railway authority is still reluctant on this issue.

Ichapur, an important railway station in Sealdah main section of North 24 Paragana. In the last 15 days, a large concrete slap broke down from the on the train line beside platform number two of Ichapur railway station. After this incident the railway authority has decided to repair the bridge.So the bridge has been closed completely due to the repair work.

The Ichapur station had only one foot over bridge due to which as the repair work is on process commuters of every age including the elderly person and the disable persons have to cross the railway tracks to reach the platform. There is no alternate route to travel from platform to platform. Commuters have to risk their lives to reach the station everyday.

However, the station manager of the Ichapur railway station did not want to talk about how long will it take to finish the renovation work of the bridge. A long-standing demand of Ichapur commuters was second railway foot over bridge. But there is no possibility of that project in present circumstances.