Remove The Helmet & Fill Petrol


Jalpaiguri: A new initiative of the Jalpaiguri police to check the movement of the miscreants. ‘Remove the helmet & fill petrol’. Soon it will be launch in the city. However, this facility will be only for the half helmet bikers.

Jalpaiguri District Police has now introduced the slogan. Until now, considering the safety of the bikes, the petrol pumps had ‘No helmet no petrol’ slogan written in it’s wall. If you want to get fuel you need to wear the helmet. According to the new rule if anyone is wearing full-helmet has to open it and show their face to the CCTV cameras. The new initiative of police is to stop crimes like kidnapping, theft and other illegal activity.

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Meanwhile, the petrol pump owners, gold traders, business organizations and bank representatives had a meeting with the police. There, it was clearly said that they are giving more importance to the CCTV image in order to identify criminals. Because it will be easier to nab the criminals with this method.

Jalpaiguri Additional Superintendent of Police Indira Mukherjee said that during the festive season especially in the puja season, incidents of crime in urban areas especially theft and kidnapping increases. On this day how can police take prevention before any crime was also discussed in the meeting. In this case CCTV can play a big role in identifying the culprit faster.

The police informed everyone about how to get the criminals easily identified when they have a camera. In order to escape, criminals often halts to fill fuel in petrol pumps. At that time the criminals hide themselves behind the helmet. So, the petrol pump owner’s were instructed to remove the bikers helmets before giving the fuel.