Remove Nukes Or Spark WW3 With N Korea: Russia Tells Trump


Moscow: Earlier, President Donald Trump called North Korean leader Kim Jong Un a “madman” Friday morning, the latest escalation in their combative rhetoric. After US is on busy to do Anti-Missile Shield.

After that Russia has demanded Donald Trump returns nuclear weapons deployed in Europe back to the United States to prevent an all-out war with North Korea. Russian Foreign minister Sergey Lavrov made the demand as he admitted the US Global Anti-Missile Shield being built by Washington on foreign soil remains a key problem for both Russia and China.

১৭০০ কিলোমিটার দূরে থাকা লক্ষ্যকে নিমেষে ঘায়েল করবে নয়া এই মিসাইল

Speaking at a conference on non-proliferation in Moscow, he called for world powers to support a Russian-Chinese roadmap on settling the crisis in North Korea which has escalated this year following a war of words between President Trump and despot leader Kim Jong-un.

প্রকাশ্যে আসল জাহাজ বিধ্বংসী নাসির মিসাইল আপগ্রেড ভার্সন

The Russian’s warnings came just hours after former US Secretary of State John Kerry said Mr Trump risks driving Iran towards nuclear proliferation and worsening a standoff with North Korea if Washington ends a nuclear deal with Tehran.