Remove Hate Speech Against Any Religion Videos: Court To Google

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New Delhi: A Delhi court Thursday directed Google India to remove videos of hate speeches against Sikhs, allegedly made by one Sakshi Bhardwaj. Additional Civil Judge Jasjeet Kaur restrained Google India from “uploading and publishing” any video containing hate speeches and derogatory remarks against any religion.

Justice Kaur watched a few videos and granted ex-parte interim injunction — where the court grants order without hearing defendants — in favour of the petitioner G S Walia, who is the chief commercial inspector at Northern Railways. Walia’s lawyer told the court that Bhardwaj’s videos may cause communal disharmony.

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Walia, in his suit, had submitted that he saw the videos on October 28 — posted on YouTube and other online forums by Sakshi Bhardwaj and her associates — which are “completely offensive”. “Further, the video clearly hurts the religious sentiments… and incites violence and are intended to start communal riots and break national peace and harmony,” the suit stated.

The court ordered, “After going through the contents of the plaint and watching the videos, prima facie, it appears that the uploader of the videos has made derogatory remarks against Sikh gurus and their family members, including mother, wife etc. The followers of Sikh faith are likely to feel grave insult to their religious sentiments by continued circulation of videos of Sakshi Bhardwaj on social media. Moreover, social harmony and law and order situation is likely to get adversely affected, if defendant number 1 (Google India) is not restrained from publication of the derogatory videos.”