Remembering Satyajit Ray On His Birthday


Kolkata: Can we ever forget that famous scene from Pather Panchali where Apu and Durga run to catch a glimpse of a train? Is there anyone who has not enjoyed the scene of Bhuter Raja blessing 3 boons to Bagha and Gopi ? Charulata ? Can anyone deny that exquisite masterpiece ? In a nutshell we can never forget our very own everlasting Satyajit Ray.

Remembering him on his birthday, several directors of this century took to twitter to remember him. Satyajit Ray’s first film Pather Panchali won 11 international awards, including the inaugural Best Human Document award at the 1956 Cannes Film Festival, as one of the most influential directors in world cinema.

On May 2, 1921, Satyajit Ray was born in a family of litterateurs in Bengal. He was the son of popular Bengali author, Sukumar Ray, and his grandfather was also a well known writer, Upenda Kishore Ray.

Ray was considered to be the man who changed the face of Indian cinema forever. He made his films in Bengali, yet they appealed to an audience that was much wider. His approach in dealing with his subjects and deft portrayal of characters earned him a spot among the best filmmakers in the world.

Another legendary filmmaker Akira Kurosawa once described the importance of Ray’s cinema. “Not to have seen the cinema of Satyajit Ray means existing in the world without seeing the sun or the moon,” Kurosawa said.

Some of his masterpieces are The Apu Trilogy ( Pather Pachali, Apur Sonsar and Aparajito ), Charulata, Teen Kanya,  Goopy Gain Bagha Bain, Hirak Rajar Deshe, Nayak and many more.