Religious Program Should Not Hold Weapon-Procession: RSS


Kolkata: Rashtriyo Swayamsevak Sangh feels that people should not use any kind of weapon or arms in a religious program. The law and order situation should be under control in such function. Jishnu Basu, functionary of South Bengal BJP said, if use of weapon is illegal, it should not be used by anyone.

South Bengal BJP,in a press conference on Wednesday said, last year police had arrested more than 100 people on the dai of Ram Navami. They were in jail for three months. But this year TMC has decided to observe Ram Navami. So it is considered as the moral win of the Ram Navami observers.

কোনও ধর্মীয় অনুষ্ঠানেই অস্ত্র-মিছিল উচিত নয়: আরএসএস

Jishnu Basu added on asking a question, all over India number of members have been increased around 47 per cent from last year. West Bengal is also in the leading list. In south Bengal zone, there are 910 branch among 610 places. RSS South Bengal is maintaining a regular process. There are 757 weekly meeting, 144 monthly meeting, 462 project in 42 block is continuing in their agenda. On the other hand, North Bengal has got 369 branches in 373 places, 335 weekly meeting and 82 monthly meeting included in their agenda.

Jishnu Basu on answering a question, “ Jadavpur University is the foundation of education. I was student of Mechanical Engineering in Jadavpur University. But it is been denounced on many averse activities. Professor Gopal Chandra Sen was murdered in the campus. Now some elite class students have formed a so called brigade in the campus.”

“State RSS have been facing huge push since last years”, said Basu. Few days ago Suresh Bhaiyaji Joshi has been selected as the co-functionary of the Sangh. A proposal for preservation and reformation of Indian languages have been placed in Nagpur representatives meeting.