Relief at Mohun Bagan ahead of Derby


Kolkata: Ahead of Kolkata’s El Classico, a sense of relief was brought in the camps of Mohun Bagan. MB General Secretary Anjan Mitra said that the impending salaries of the footballers will be cleared. To cite an instance, MB marquee Pierre Boya has not been paid since the last three months. A sum of 53 lakh rupees is due, according to MB sources.

The people who are popularly known to have close associations with the green and maroons have come to the aid. As it is heard, Tutu Bose has donated a massive sum of 25 lakhs. Sailen Bose has given 10 lakhs. Radheshyam Agarwal has stood by donating 3 lakh. According to sources, Mohun Bagan has taken a loan from its football school of an amount of 10 lakhs.