Rejjaq’s Ill Remarks Against Rupa, BJP Reacts


Kolkata: BJP is on its way to file a complaint against TMC candidate Rejjaq Mollah for uttering objectionable words against BJP candidate Rupa Ganguly.

বাংলায় পড়ুন :   রুপাকে কটূক্তির প্রতিবাদে রেজ্জাকের বিরুদ্ধে কমিশনে বিজেপি


Bhangar’s TMC candidate Rejjaq Mollah said that he has good idea about how big cigarette Rupa Ganguly smokes and whom she stays with. Rupa Ganguly earned her fame by her huge successful acting in Doordarshan’s Draupadi. Former CPM leader Rejjaq added that there is a similarity between the reel-life Draupadi and the real Draupadi, i.e, in reality Rupa has all the characteristics of the reel-life Draupadi. According to Rejjaq’s concept, she is actually Draupadi in real life.

Obviously, strong reaction has been issued by the state BJP.