Regional Films Need Backing: Shekhar Kapur


Panaji : Ace filmmaker Shekhar Kapur feels the screen distribution in India between Bollywood films and regional movies is unfair and says the projects made in various Indian languages need proper backing in order for film festivals to thrive.

The 69-year-old “Mr India” helmer said any film industry cannot properly function unless the domestic films, which get lost under the clout of big Bollywood projects, are given due importance.

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“What is really important for a film festival or industry to flourish is when the domestic market is given importance. It is really important to give domestic films its due and break through the clutch that we call Bollywood,” Shekhar told PTI on the sidelines of NFDC Film Bazar.

“There is nothing wrong with Bollywood. Those films can be made. But there are only 8000 screens that’s it and if one Bollywood film takes 5000 screens then there is very little left for the 15 languages. We cannot survive, our cinema will not survive,” the filmmaker said.

Praising China’s efforts to help its film industry, Kapur said that the country is giving a huge impetus by adding almost 15 screens daily as compared to just 200 screens being added annually in India.

“We are adding about 200 screens a year. China is adding 15 screens daily. They are giving a huge impetus to their filmmakers. So, we have to empower our filmmakers. All we are doing is empowering filmmakers that can attract stars,” Kapur said.