Refused job because ‘My name is Khan’


Mumbai: On Tuesday, Zeshan Ali Khan applied for a marketing job with a multi-national jewellery exports company in Mumbai. Within 15 minutes, the 23-year-old received an email that said: “We regret to inform you that we hire only non-Muslim candidates.”

Two of his classmates, Mukund Mani and Omkar Bansode, also applied for the same job and they were called for interviews the very next day. Zeshan said that he has been refused job as he has a Khan in his name.

Shocked by the response Zeshan took an screenshot of the e-mail an uplosded it on the social media sites. The post drew huge support for Zeshan from various activists.

After the matter raised a controversy the company blamed the incident on a HR trainee and said that he company is strictly against any discrimination.

On the other hand Mumbai Police filed an FIR on Thursday against the diamond export company under IPC Section 153 B for hurting religious sentiments.