Refused Ambulance, Mother Spends Night Holding Dead Child


Lucknow: A young mother in Uttar Pradesh spent the night with her young child’s body outside a hospital in Meerut after ambulance drivers allegedly refused to drive her home to her village. The woman, identified as Imrana by news agency ANI, lost her two-year-old daughter last week.

She told the news agency that the ambulance driver asked her for over a thousand rupees, money that she did not have, to take her to her village about 50 kms away.

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“The ambulance asked me for Rs. 1,500 to take my child’s dead body back home. I had called 108 (helpline) to reach ambulance,” said Imrana. The next morning, she was allegedly assisted and hired a private ambulance.

The report comes after national outrage over the haunting pictures of a man in Odisha who walked 10 kilometres carrying his dead wife because the hospital where she was being treated refused to give him a hearse. The man walked with his young daughter sobbing by his side till journalists spotted them and organized an ambulance.