Refugee Rohingya Family Practices Taekwondo To Fight Poverty & Gain Respect


Coxbazar: A refugee Rohingya family absconded from Myanmar chosen taekwondo as the weapon to fight poverty. Mohammad Selim along with his daughter Nasima have fleed from Myanmar and sheltered in world largest Rohingya Refugee camp in Coxbazar.

Mohammad Selim, a slim-fit man started practicing taekwondo when he was in Myanmar to keep himself fit and healthy. He is a believer that taekwondo can be a self-defence tactics. So he is teaching taekwondo to his eight years old daughter Nasima Akhtar inside his mud walled hut deep in the Kutupalong mega-camp.

He said in an interview that, “I got to realise that how much respect is there in this sport. It is a self-defense system and it helps to protect people too. So I am giving the lessons to my daughter.”

দেশহীন রোহিঙ্গা ঘুসির জোরে চাইছে আত্মসম্মান

The situation in Rakhine did not change till now. Myanmar government is not assertive on returning their citizen to the country. Bangladesh also creating pressure to return them to the Myanmar. The unhygenic environment giving birth of various disease spreading as epidemic in the camp.

Nasima Akhtar, the eight years old girl is also hopeful that she will become a person like his father by fighting all the obstructions of life. The father-daughter duo is fighting hopeful fight to live their life.