Redness in eyes is caused by urine and not chlorine


A new report has recently clarified a long-standing misconception that eyes go red and stingy after swimming because of urine and not chlorine.

The Centers for Disease Control recently teamed up Water Quality and Health Council and the National Swimming Pool Foundation for their annual Healthy Swimming Program, which seeks to educate people about the health benefits of swimming and gives tips on water safety, E! Online has reported.

Dr. Michael J. Beach told Women’s Health that chlorine binds with all the things it’s trying to kill from the bodies, and it forms these chemical irritants, so that’s what sting in the eyes; it’s the chlorine binding to the urine and the sweat.

Experts have also pointed out that despite the story told to children that a dye in the water will show if they’ve urinated in the pool, it’s actually very difficult to tell when it has happened. In fact, having red eyes are the biggest indicator, according to the National Swimming Pool Foundation.

They suggested that that bathers and swimmers must be extra careful to ensure that they’re properly washed before they get in, and relieve themselves elsewhere.

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