Red Splatters Of Gutka Began To Corrode Dakshineswar Skywalk


Kolkata: Its true that the people of Kolkata still cherish the legacy more than current development. As for the concern of development this city has faced more political turmoil than any of the other ones, but almost everything started from this old British Capital.

But in the recent years infrastructures have developed in Kolkata. And one of it’s example is the Dakshineswar Skywalk. But the big question is will this modern developments maintained properly by the citizens?

Dakshineswar Skywalk, that was inaugurated on Monday November 5 by the Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee looked so bright and modern this is a symbol of urbanization. With this Kolkata added a new feature to crown.

During the inauguration ceremony Mamata Banerjee said that, “Protecting the Skywalk is not only the government’s responsibility but also common man’s too.”

But within two days of it’s inauguration the Skywalk walls and stairs were noticed with red splatters of Gutka.

On Tuesday for the occasion of Diwali and Kali Puja the Skywalk was crowded with the devotees who came for the worship of ‘Maa Bhabatarini’. Naturally everyone gazed at the beautiful newly built Skywalk. And suddenly some eyes stuck to the walls with red splatters of Gutka.

Evidences of this red splatters of Gutka’s were captured on the mobiles and soon spread on social media. And a social media protest arise soon. Mocking at the state government. But this kind of things just raise a question at the conscience of the people. People criticize government for the assurance of making the city’s infrastructure like London but isn’t  it also the citizen’s responsibility to keep our surroundings clean and hygiene?