Red Road Incident: Shanu’s Brother Writes Letter To CM


Kolkata: Khaled Khan, Shanu’s elder brother has written a letter demanding justice for his brother to Mamata Banerjee. Khaled has urged Mamata to dig out the truth, because he thinks Shanu is framed to save the main culprit.

Khaled has also written a letter to the police commissioner. He has written that the Sohrab family is very influential complaining against Raju Sohrab, the brother of Mohammad Sohrab. The letter has a date of 27th January. Khaled has alleged that Raju in connivance with a police officer is trying to shield Sambia, and frame his brother, Shanu, the other accused in the

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Khaled has stated that neither Sambia nor Shanu were behind the wheels of the killer Audi and it is clear from the call records of Raj and Johnny. Meanwhile, the CM and the Police Commissioner is yet to response on this letter.