Red Dragon Flexes Muscle as India Sharpens


New Delhi: China on Thursday announced a major overhaul of its military which at 2.3 million troops is double the size of the Indian armed forces to make it more agile and combat-ready, and capable of taking the battle to its adversaries far beyond its borders and shores.

While India continues to drag its feet in setting up joint structures to give its armed forces a better punch from limited budgetary resources, the red dragon across the border is further sharpening its offensive claws.

The re-structuring will see all armed forces come under a joint operational military command to build, as President Xi Jinping put it, “an elite combat force” by 2020. It will also involve regrouping China’s existing seven military regions into four strategic zones.

China obviously wants to transform its rapidly-modernising People’s Liberation Army from its existing Soviet Union-style of functioning to a modern, unified military on the lines of the US forces capable of projecting power all around.