Record Sale Of Liquor At Tarapith During Kaushiki Amavasya


Suri: Can you believe that Tarapith sets record by selling liquor of Worth Rs 3 crores. Yes it’s true. On the occasion of  Kaushiki Amavasya, Tarapith has set a record for selling liquor.

দু’দিনে তিন কোটি টাকার মদ বিক্রি করে রেকর্ডে তারাপীঠ

But now the question is, what is the reason behind this? The answer is Kaushiki Amavasya. To prevent illegal alcohol business, the state government has ordered to open all licensed liquor shop on that occasion.

Kaushiki Amabyasha was held on August 31st and September 1st. Every year millions of people visit Tarapith on the occasion of Kaushiki Amavasya. Huge devotees were gathered at Tarapith to worshiped Ma Tara.

According to the railway sources, near about 85 thousand people came to the Tarapith by train,Which is 30 thousand less than last time. However, the sale of alcohol has increased this year. According to the Excise Department, liquor has been sold worth Rs three crores and 25 Lakh. Which is almost twice as much than last time.