RE-INVEST 2015 Concludes with 2,66,000 MW Commitments of Green Energy


New Delhi: The RE-INVEST 2015 which concluded on February 17 is the take off point which will have a multiplier effect in the economic front, said the Finance Minister  Arun Jaitley. Addressing the valedictory session of the three day event, Jaitley said that this will lead to enormous jobs generation, investments resulting in profitability, competitiveness between various sectors, filling up the gaps in power supply, enhancement of manufacturing sector, and yet not hurting the environment. The Finance Minister pointed out that this conference is a starting point of a great initiative whose effect will be clearly visible in the coming years.

Jaitley said India has a very large land mass and therefore raw material required for renewable energy is right in front of us. It would be sheer incompetence if we are not able to convert this into a resource, and therefore the initiative which the Prime Minister has taken in the renewable energy sector , created an economically conducive environment. There is a huge change of mood and attitude in India, and that is reflective in the large scale enthusiasm shown in this conference. The Finance Minister said the kind of enthusiasm that the international investors are reposing in India today is a very rare occasion in the history, where you can become a natural recipient of both domestic and international investments. There is a great opportunity for India to grow in terms of manufacturing and we also have to concentrate on our infrastructure. Jaitley added that the starting point of all this has to be the credibility of the Indian economy, the faith of people in Indian economy, and our ability to provide opportunity to investors and it is from that point of view our own systems have to be tuned themselves accordingly.