RBU Pol Sc Professor dies at Ladakh


Leh: Festivity turns fatal as a professor of the Rabindra Bharati University fell victim to an avalanche at Ladakh and lost her life as the jeep by which they were travelling fell into the gorge. Rajasree Basu was with her son Soumyadip and husband Padmanavu Basu. She is a regular lecturer in the political science department of RBU. Her son, who is a student of the IIT Kharagpur is also said to have lost his life. Padmanava Basu is a professor of the IIT and is in a critical condition after the accident. He is taken to the local hospital at Ladakh for treatment. It is heard that the family was moving to Ladakh when the accident took place.

The dead bodies of Rajasree and Soumyadip is likely to be brought to New Delhi tomorow in the morning. According to the RBU sources, the university is taking up all the measures to see that the dead bodies are brought back to Kolkata as soon as possible. But due to flight timings, the dead bodies are not likely to come before Wednesday afternoon,said Arindam Mridha, professor of English in RBU. The VC has already expressed grief at the demise of this lively professor, added he. They have even spoken to the Delhi Residential Comissioner to make sure the bodies are brought to Kolkata quickly.

An atmosphere of grief and sorrow has already been cast over the university. The university is likely to declare holiday to mourn the sad demise of the lively professor.

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