RBI Appoints Sage Of Swadeshi Jagran Manch As Director


Touch of Saffron in Reserve Bank of India ! The Reserve Bank Board has appointed RSS thinker S Gurumurthy and Satish Maratha. These two person have been absorbed as non-official director on the central board of Reserve Bank of India for a period of four years. The Appointments Committee of Cabinet has approved the appointments of the person.

S Gurumurthy is Chartered Asccountant and Journalist by profession and a RSS thinker. He runs a Tamil weekly name ‘Tughlak’. He raised his voice during the time of demonetization.

He supported demonetization as it can bring change and make people responsible from avoiding unnecessary purchase. In an interview in December 2016, a month after Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced noteban, Mr Gurumurthy had termed the demonetisation as “Financial Pokhran”.

Gurumurthy added if people have excess cash there is always an urge to buy things which are not necessary and that leads to “irresponsible and heartless spending”. Demonetisation would bring about a huge change, the expert had said.

Previously, Reserve Bank Of India and former governor Raghuram Rajan has faced criticism and verbally attacked several time by S Gurumurthy. On the other hand, Satish Marathe used to hold a position in AVBP in his student life.