Razer To Possibly Unveil Gaming Smartphone


New Delhi: If you are a serious gamer, then you must have heard about Razer. They make some of the most ridiculously powerful gaming computers in the world along with specialised accessories.

All of us know that the major issue with gaming laptops is their weight, no matter how slim the manufacturers try to make. Therefore, to tap into the opportunity, Razer is considering building gaming smartphones.

Yes, you read that right – a gaming smartphone. We have loads of gaming laptops and we have had a gaming tablet in the form of NVIDIA Shield tablet. But no manufacturer has built a true gaming smartphone. If you fancied stretching your fingers as well as your brain while on the move, then the only option you had till now was a flagship smartphone, which is meant more for making a statement rather than making a mark on the leader boards.

A report from Bloomberg suggests that Razer is planning to venture into the mobile territory with a dedicated gaming smartphone. Razer had acquired Nextbit – the maker of the good-looking Robin smartphone, sometime back. It is expected that Razer will utilise the technical know-how of Nextbit’s smartphone expertise. The device is expected to make use of Google’s Android platform, which will be modified to suit professional gaming.

While Razer awaits a $5 billion valuation, the project will take to the skies once the company launches its first public offering sometime later in the year. If the project gets a green light, then Razer could be responsible for opening a new segment in the already-crowded smartphone market.