Ray Of Hope For ‘Severe Alcoholic Hepatitis’ Sufferers


Washington: All is not pitch dark for those who are suffering from severe alcoholic hepatitis. A team of clinical researchers in USA has assured that even those with severe liver damage due to alcoholic hepatitis can hope for survival and longer life.

Just a little change in approach of assessment can ensure that end of road does not come too soon to those hapless souls.

The team of specialists from Arkansas in USA, Sao Paolo in Brazil and Barcelona in Spain has been working hand in for last few years to device a new technique to save life of those affected by severe alcoholic hepatitis. Incidentally Chittaranjan Davoor a Bangalore University alumnus has contributed immensely in this new approach of this unique lifesaving technique. He is presently a fellow of Department of Internal Medicine of University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. The results of the research have already been published in “The Americal Journal of Gastroenterology”.

When a severe alcoholic hepatitis patient is admitted he is usually has a spectrum of anomalies. The liver might be decompensated with jaundice to life threatening liver failure. Researcher claimed, usually there is only 25 % chance of survival for such patients. After admission these types of patients also suffer from severe withdrawal syndrome and have to treat with Corticosteroids. These are a type of steroid hormones which are administered to save life of such critical patients.

What is unique in this approach? Generally after the Prednisolone Therapy is started the results are examined on seventh day i.e after almost a week. Research by the above team found that 40 % of the patients were not responding and infections were rampant with each passing day. These researchers have now devised a special assessment technique on the 4th day. The researchers examined the response to the on-going corticosteroids. Depending on the results of day 4 changes are made in the regime of corticosteroids.

Researchers have claimed that the changes have helped in raising the survival rate of such patients to more than 60 %. Earlier those patients low survival rate like 25 % and most acquired hospital infection. So, all is well even if one is suffering from severe alcoholic hepatitis. (EOM)

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