Ravi Shastri Is Living in Fool’s World: Sourav Ganguly


Kolkata: Former India cricket captain Sourav Ganguly on Wednesday hit out sharply at Ravi Shastri for crticising his absence at the interview to select India’s head coach.

Ganguly said Shastri was living in a “fool’s world” if he thought he thwarted the former coach’s chances and that he was ” surprised and saddened” at the personal attack.

“If Ravi thinks because of me that he is not the coach of Team India, then he is living in a fool’s world. Ravi has made a personal attack which was not expected and is very saddening,” he said.

Ganguly, along with his former team-mates Sachin Tendulkar and VVS Laxman were part of the Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC) which selected legendary leg spinner Anil Kumble as the coach, overlooking the claims of Shastri among others.

After the selection a disappointed Shastri told the news channel that he felt disrespected by Ganguly’s absence at his interview and advised him not to to repeat such things in the future.

To this, Ganguly retorted: “I am extremely surprised and saddened on the comments of Ravi Shastri. It was already previously decided that I will attend the CAB working committee meeting on the day of these coach elections.

“I say this with anger that my counter piece of advise to Shastri is that he should have been present physically and not holidaying in Bangkok for such an important event. Ravi should have shown some more maturity before going public about it,” Ganguly added.