Ravi doesn’t want the interference of the ‘Terrific Trio’


Dhaka:After winning sessions after sessions and Virat Kohli spitting venom against the off coloured Bangladesh team, the on job team director, Ravi Shastri makes it clear that he wants to remain in office for a longer time.

However, The New Indian Express reported that Shastri wanted BCCI to agree his terms if he is to take up the job of the Indian coach for a period of two years. Shastri has asked the BCCI to give him full control of the functioning of the team. He said that if he has to agree a contract for two years that he will run the team in his way. He said that he will need full freedom and will not want anyone’s interference in policy decisions.

This means that Shastri has told the BCCI to get rid of the outside help in form the advisory trio set up by the BCCI consisting of Ganguly, Sachin and VVS. Shastri was firm on his decision and said that he does not want his role to be effected by the decisions of the BCCI.

The trio appointed by the BCCI was to give young players in the game a chance to approach them directly. But Shastri, who wants to run the squad his way does not want anyone to talk to his players. This has created a dilemma for the board regarding the appointment of a coach.

It was also learned that Shastri was particularly wary of the role of Ganguly in the building of his team. With both Shastri and Ganguly sharing similar views, both of them would want to assert their mentality on the team. This may cause a dispute between the two that cannot be good for India cricket.

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