Ratna Wants To Punish Sovan


Kolkata: Now, it is the biggest political thriller. The story is weaved in a series of blame-game. The former Mayor Sovan Chatterjee and wife Ratna Chatterjee has conspired murder and threatened each-other. Presently, Ratna has demanded punishment for Sovan Chatterjee.

In an interview to a news channel, Sovon Chatterjee alleged that Ratna Chatterjee sent him a poisonous cake as a trap to murder him through their children. It is not the end, he added that Baishakhi Banerjee has also been threatened of supari killing. Indirectly Sovon Chatterjee has identified Ratna Chatterjee through his comments.

After listening to all the statements, Ratna Chatterjee outbursted and said that, “Its regretful that I spent my 20 years with him. He is contantly lying. Is it possible that a daughter will give a poisonous cake on father’s birthday? My children have eaten the cake in the car on their way back. They are absolutely fine. What kind of poison it was? Was that a Rat killer that couldn’t kill a human ?”

Ratna Chatterjee was asked in retaliation of this statement, answering to this, she said that “Whatever I’ll say, i’ll say in the court. He will get the heat tomorrow. I will do a defamation case against him. If i win the case. I won;t take the money but i want him to get hold the ears and accept the lies.”