Ratna Visits New Mayor Firhad’s House, Raises Speculations


Kolkata: Already Sovan-Ratna-Baisakhi love story hit in the political field of bengal where twists and turns in Indian politics can often be more riveting than best-selling thrillers. Now Ratna Chatterjee visits New Mayor Firhad Hakim’s house on Friday morning.

Ratna said that Firhad will complete the incomplete work of Sovan Chatterjee. Speculation raises that why Ratna visits Boby’s house? Why Ratna support Firhad Hakim instead of her husband?

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According to sources, Ratna Chatterjee wishes Firhad Hakim as he elected as new mayor of Kolkata. That’s why she visited his house.

Earlier Sovan said an interview that Baishakhi Banerjee is being dragged into this (the cause of his resignation) unnecessarily by the media. Those who are dragging her into this are not doing the right thing. She stood by me during my tough time…I sought Baishakhi’s help in legal matters pertaining to the CBI and Enforcement Directorate’s investigation.