Ratna Surprisingly Praises Sovan


Kolkata: A surprising moment. The blaming wife Ratna Cahtterjee has suprisingly praised husband Sovan Chatterjee on Friday morning. She went to Firhad Hakim’s place on this morning. She said that, “Sovan Da has done a lot for the development of Kolkata.”

Ratna Chatterjee wishes Firhad Hakim as he elected as new mayor of Kolkata. That’s why she visited his house. After meeting him, she said that ‘Sovan Da’ did a lot for the betterment of Kolkata.

The credit behind all the beautification works of Kolkata goes to Sovan Chatterjee and hope Firhad Hakim will pursue the incomplete works of him. Earlier she poured critical words on him. She said that, “I have spent my 22 years with this perverted person.” But it was completely opposite on Friday.

Earlier Sovan said an interview that Baishakhi Banerjee is being dragged into this (the cause of his resignation) unnecessarily by the media. Those who are dragging her into this are not doing the right thing. She stood by me during my tough time…I sought Baishakhi’s help in legal matters pertaining to the CBI and Enforcement Directorate’s investigation.

She said that, during the governance of Sovan Chatterjee Kolkata received huge praise in a large scale. Kolkata received huge honor of the foreign delegates those who have visited Kolkata.