Ratna Sends Legal Notice To Sovan Chatterjee


Kolkata: Keeping her claims, Ratna Chatterjee have sent a legal notice to former Mayor Sovan Chatterjee on Thursday morning. Sovan submitted his resignation on this day itself. The next Mayor has been decided too.

After Sovan had made several accusations against Ratna Chatterjee, Ratna had threatened to file a case against him.

Former Mayor of Kolkata Municipal Corporation Sovan Chatterjee said that Ratna Chatterjee wanted to kill him by appointing supari killer. Replying to the question, Mrs Chatterjee said that Mayor’s special friend Baishakhi Banerjee wanted to kill her by calling her outside the house.

Two jolting points has hit the ground within the resignation of Sovan Chatterjee. He has alleged that Ratna wanted to kill Baishakhi and her girlchild by appointing people. Kolkata Police also aware of the fact. Mayor himself given a written complaint to the police.

This is not the end, Mayor also said that Ratna wanted to kill me with a poisonous cake. According to his opinion, Ratna made a plan with the security guard and sent him a poisonous cake. His children has cut the cake and celebrated his birthday in front of his house. Mayor claimed that he has given the whole detail to the police. Both side of the coin is equally glittering.

The tolly-town people are discussing in the close-circle that it is as exciting as a TV serial. Where Sovan is ending, Ratna starting her notes from there. Ratna Chatteree said that, “Sovan has appointed a woman bouncer as his security guard. I got involved in a quarrel with her. I have compalint in Parnasree police station. Later it didn’t happen again. The bouncer informed her that Baishakhi has mixed any poisonous stuff in a sandesh. Baishakhi told the bouncer that “you must convince Ratna to take her out of home. Then she will see the whole thing.”

Eleborating her statements, she said that, “I asked the bouncer what about will see ? What she will see ? Will she murder me ? The bouncer said to me that, “yes, Didi wants to remove you.” After getting such information, I contacted Parnasree police to seek their help.”

The Sovan Chatterjee incident has created a new spotlight in the political ground. The opposition has also started to re-frame their plan with the development in the ruling party government.