How Ratna Could Forget Family Friendship: Baisakhi


Kolkata: Mayor Sovan Chatterjee earlier said he was grateful to Baisakhi Banerjee for the kind of support she had given him during this critical period of his life. Baisakhi was leader of a TMC-affiliated college teachers’ body from which she was recently expelled.

Baisakhi has openly said that Kolkata Mayor, who is her good friend,always honours chief minister Mamata Banerjee as his mother. Mayor even saved the mobile number of Trinamool Supremo as ‘Ma’(Mother).

In an recent interview, Baisakhi claimed that it is improper to forget the family friendship which Mayor’s wife Ratna has done so easily. “Even we had gone for a trip together as well,” continued Baisakhi.

Earlier at a press conference, Chatterjee said he was facing much distress owing to his impending break-up with his wife. When asked about his wife, Ratna, accusing him of mental torture, Chatterjee said he had left his house with some basic things for living.
“If there is no reason, can anybody decide to end his marriage?” Mayor rued.