Rash Mela Sales Touch Rs 100 Crore In Cooch Behar


Cooch Behar: The famous Rash Mela in Cooch Behar town has had sales touching Rs 100 crore this year. This is an all-time record, according to the secretary of the Cooch Behar district business association, and so, naturally, business-owners are very happy.

Not just that, on one particular day, goods worth Rs 10 crore were sold. The fair had started on November 22.

This time, about 2,500 stalls were set up, selling clothes, brass and bell metal utensils, small statues, cups and plates, handicraft items, etc. and of course, food. Then, there were entertainment options like Ferris wheels, circus shows, dragon train, musical dance, etc.

Every day, sales worth Rs 5 to 7 crore took place. Clothes and food stalls were the biggest hits, doing a combined business worth about Rs 30 crore.