Rarest Surgery By Calcutta Medical College Saves 12 Yr Old Boy


Kolkata: A rare surgery is done by the doctors of Calcutta Medical College and Hospital, given a fresh life to a 12-year-old boy from Howrah who swallowed a whistle ball while playing it. The whistle ball and got stuck in his wind pipe resulting in serious respiratory distress and vomiting.

The victim, Seikh Sahil (12), a resident of Jagatballavpur in Howrah was blowing the whistle during a football match in the area on Friday evening. Sahil was complaining of severe respiratory problems and was rushed to Jagatballavpur Gramin Hospital.

As the victim’s condition getting worse, the doctors told the family members of the victim to shift the patient to Calcutta Medical College and Hospital as they thought the patient might die if there was a delay in his treatment.

He was finally taken to Calcutta Medical College and Hospital (CMCH) at around 3 am on Friday. The report showed that the ball remained stuck inside his wind pipe. The doctors said that a whistling sound was coming as the patient was breathing.

It’s a much relief for the patient’s family that the doctors managed to remove the ball of the whistle through a bronchoscopy. It was not easy to remove the whistle ball as it was stuck in a critical position inside the wind pipe. A team of doctors finally performed the surgery and removed the ball giving a new life to the boy. The patient has been doing fine and he would be released soon.