Rare Disorder Causes Serpentine Demeanour In Siblings


Mumbai:  A case of rare disorder has left two siblings with a scaled deformation on their skins. Sayali and Siddhant Kapase, are currently undergoing treatment at the Dr DY Patil Medial College and Research Centre.

The siblings aged 13 and 11, have developed reptile like scales on their skin which keeps peeling off at intervals. The condition is known as Lamellar Ichthyosis in medical terminology and can be found in one among six lakh births. The genetic root can be traced to parents with normal skin carrying a single abnormal gene.skin-disorder-2

Their parents Sarika and Santosh Ramchandra Kapase are adhering to the siblings during the course of the treatment , catering to their daily needs of applying medicated solutions.

The disorder appears to be congenital, as they were born in collodion membranes encased for the next 14 days. The potential hazards associated with this illness are overheating, thereby preventing normal perspiration which aggravates during hot weather.skin-disorder-3

The family has been facing ordeals as the society has repeatedly slammed their snake like appearance owing to the severity of the disorder.