Rapists Scot Free, Indian SS Caned Romeos


Lucknow: In yet another instance of moral policing, the Uttar Pradesh police have launched ‘Operation Majnu’ to hunt the young love birds in the state. The cops instead of devoting their time to catch the rapist or molesters are acting as ‘culture vultures’ to discipline the majnus.

TV footage showed that police constables are mercilessly canning young couple at an Allahabad park and preaching morality. When confronted by media the police personnel present at the site said that the ‘talibanic dictate’ was issued by the state and implemented by the department.

Earlier it its moral drive police arrested 61 people in Mumbai for indecent activities. Police in its zeal to carry out the order of its political masters forget that the move is an utter violation of fundamental right and it is not the cops call to decide on the weigh people on their so called morality scale.