Rape & Attempt To Murder in Murshidabad


Murshidabad: A 22 year old woman raped and attempted murder in Salar’s South Hazam area of Murshidabad on Thursday. The critically injured victim is admitted to medical college, said police.

According to police, On Wednesday night a man named Miraj Alam took the victim out of her home and rode away on his bike. He took her to deserted field in Salar and raped her. Later he slit her throat to stop her from screaming. The villagers came and rescued her when they heard her screams.

First the victim was taken to Salar Block hospital. They referred her to Murshidabad medical hospital.

Police have arrested accused Miraj Alam.

According to sources, Miraj Alam used to have telephonic conversations with the 22 year old victim. But due to Miraj’s engagement with unsocial activities, the woman had stopped talking to him. It is estimated that Miraj committed rape inorder to take revenge.