Rana Sarkar Canadian Consul-General In US


Toronto: Rana Sarkar, an Indo-Canadian who was till recently the national director for high growth markets at the multinational KPMG, has been named by the Justin Trudeau government as Canada’s Consul-General to San Francisco. He has also been named a member of the high-profile Canadian team for renegotiating the North American Free Trade.

Sarkar was till recently national director for high growth markets at the Toronto-based multi-national KPMG.

Sarkar is part of a 13-member group tasked with helping Canada navigate the renegotiation of NAFTA, the Canadian government said in a statement.

From 2009 to 2013, Sarkar was president and CEO of the Canada-India Business Council. He was also the founding advisory board committee co-chairman and senior fellow at the Munk School of Global Affairs.

The statement said the government hopes Sarkar will be able to seize on opportunities to attract investment from the US to Canada.
The Canadian government is beefing up its team in the US as it prepares a full court press to defend Canada’s interests in the looming renegotiation of the NAFTA, CTV News reported.

Talks on changing the NAFTA agreement between Canada, the US and Mexico are scheduled to begin on August 16.