Rampage Of Ruling Party On Filing Nomination In Murshidabad


Baharampur: High-voltage second phase of filing nomination started with a rampage of ruling party Trinamool Congress. The incident took place at Hariharpara of Murshidabad. TMC goons attacked on oppositions with bricks-sticks.

Reportedly, the congress and CPM candidates organised a line before BDO office. Suddenly, goons attacked them and forcefully dislocated from the area.

মনোনয় জমা দেওয়া শুরু হতেই ফের অভিযোগ শাসক দলের বিরুদ্ধে

The controversial panchayat election is primarily agitated on filing nomination. Hariharpara is active too in election process. Affected were mostly from oppositions. The incident started with slagging and consequently turned violent with use of bricks and sticks. Allegedly, oppositions candidates have been beaten badly.

Miscreants took over the area have been alleged as Trinamool affiliated. The oppositions claimed that no police protection were there in front of BDO office.

West Bengal State Election Commission has announced the final and last date of filing nomination after the verdict of Calcutta High Court.